Cooking Tableware by Lagranja for Toshiba


This collection of versatile kitchen appliances were developed by design studio lagranja as part of a research and design project into the role of industrial products within the ever shrinking size of modern residences. Comissioned by toshiba, the central question of the project was “what happens when small appliances are turned off”?

Using the insight that storing appliances in the increasingly small kitchens of city residences was becoming impossible and that boundaries between rooms and their uses were increasingly ambiguous, lagranja set out to design appliances that felt comfortable not only on a kitchen counter but on a coffee table in a living room. The resulting set includes a kettle and a pot made of ceramic as well as a wireless induction dock. Both pieces are finished with a lid and handles made of wood. Thanks to the wireless induction dock, food can be cooked and heated on the table where the guests are already waiting.




via designboom



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