Biophilia Ceramic Vessels by Stoft and Zol Art


A collaborative project between Stoft Studio and Swedish ceramic manufacturer Zol Art, Biophilia consists of four organically shaped ceramic vessels each symbolising a step in a plant’s growth, from seedpod to bloom. Due to the decreasing thickness of the pieces they can be stacked inside each other creating multiple possible combinations.

The first piece in the collection is ‘Capsula’, a chamotte stoneware bowl that acts as the seed from which the other pieces grow. From the protective embrace of ‘Capsula’ sprouts ‘Petalis’, a sheer porcelain vase that in turn encapsulates ‘Truncus’, a ceramic pitcher with two mouths acting as branches. Growing out from these branches is ‘Spore’, a small earthenware vase that acts as the seed, waiting to take root elsewhere by also functioning as a small vase for seedlings.








Stoft Studio

Zol Art

via mocoloco



  1. Swedish design reminds me of Japanese design. Minimal, soft yet firm angles, not over the top or overly flowery, a no-nonsense floral nature.

  2. Ungewöhnliche, interessante Formen – endlich mal etwas Neues

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