Cafe Belga Coffee Set by Marcial Ahsayane & Miriam Liebana


Cafe Belga Coffee Set by London-based design studio Ahsayane Studio takes it’s inspiration form the world renowned Belgian beer Duvel. An espresso cup and milk bottle take the shape of Duvel’s iconic bottle and glass, produced using 3D printed ceramics with fine ceramic powder. In addition to being food safe, the material is both recyclable and heat resistant.

cafe_belga_coffee_set_marcial_ahsayane_miriam_liebana_03-thumb-468x312-68586 cafe_belga_coffee_set_marcial_ahsayane_miriam_liebana_04-thumb-468x312-68589 cafe_belga_coffee_set_marcial_ahsayane_miriam_liebana_05-thumb-468x312-68592 cafe_belga_coffee_set_marcial_ahsayane_miriam_liebana_06-thumb-468x312-68595 cafe_belga_coffee_set_marcial_ahsayane_miriam_liebana_525-thumb-525xauto-68598

Ahsayane Studio

via mococloco


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