Pila Series by Hanna Krüger for Rosenthal Studio Line


In her Pila Series for Rosenthal’s Studio LineHanna Krüger assembles ceramic vases from stacked plates. The project draws inspiration from everyday life – where plate piles are created for practical reasons, for washing up in the sink or stashed in the cupboard. Different forms and stories clash and become part of a new whole, the selection of plates are combined in a way that offers unique compositions.

The Pila Series was exhibited from 7 to 11 February at Ambiente 2014, Frankfurt Fair.

hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom11hanna-kruger hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom04 hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom03 hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom02 hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom05 hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom10 hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom09 hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom08hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom07hanna-kruger-designs-assemblages-of-porcelain-for-rosenthal-designboom06

Hanna Krüger


via designboom


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