Color Collision by Kirstie van Noort & Rogier Arents

Color Collision by Kristie van Noort & Rogier Arents is a project grown out of extensive material research. The pigment in red cabbage is subject to a striking change in color when the PH value in the environment changes. When applied to ceramics this results in crockery in unprecedented colors. The resulting new coloring process for ceramics was captured in film and photography by van Noort and Arents.

ColorCollision-by-Kirstie-van-Noort-Rogier-Arents-22  ColorCollision-by-Kirstie-van-Noort-Rogier-Arents-23

ColorCollision-by-Kirstie-van-Noort-Rogier-Arents-24  ColorCollision-by-Kirstie-van-Noort-Rogier-Arents-21

ColorCollision-by-Kirstie-van-Noort-Rogier-Arents-20  ColorCollision-by-Kirstie-van-Noort-Rogier-Arents-17

via This Is Paper


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